Frequently Asked Questions

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    There are many window films available to suit different applications. We recommend that you speak to one of our specialists so we can determine the right fit for your needs.
    To prevent damage to your window film and to ensure its durability in the long term, we recommend the following:
    1. Do not clean the glass during the drying period, normally 21 days
    2. To clean, use a cleaning solution that doesn’t contain any abrasive materials.
    3. Use a soft, clean cloth, soft paper towel, or clean synthetic sponge. Avoid using abrasive cloths, brushes or powder.
    4. For drying the window, use a soft cloth or squeegee.

    Note: A slightly hazy or milky appearance caused by the water between the film and glass will disappear over time along with any bubbles. Small particles or ‘points’ may remain. A natural part of film adhesives, these are generally only visible from the outside and do not affect the performance of the film.

    Window film are designed for long-term use with little maintenance. However, if necessary, our specialists have been trained to remove window film from surfaces with the original condition intact.
    In most cases the window film is applied to the inside of the pane. However, if in an unusual circumstance it’s necessary to apply it on the outside, our team will discuss this with you beforehand.
    Water is used during installation. Thus, drying times can vary depending on the season and your window. It can take between a week (summer) to one or more months (winter) for the moisture to completely evaporate.
    Window film and tinting help to block out UVA rays (which age the skin) and UVB rays (which cause sunburn or reddening of the skin).
    Yes –

    Most of our window films for the home comes with a lifetime warranty whilst films applied to commercial buildings comes with a warranty of up to 15 years. We guarantee our products against bubbling, peeling and other defects.

    Our Warranty Statement:

    The manufacturer warrants Easy Tint Window Film against bubbling, SR coating breakdown, peeling, delaminating and demetallising and on designated films offer a colour fade warranty from the date of the original purchase when properly installed on the interior surfaces of glass by a duly authorised installer.

    If the film fails to comply with this warranty, the manufacturer will replace such quantity of film including the labour – unless otherwise stated as proved defective. No liability is assumed for scratching or other damage to the film caused by improper treatment or from glass breakage from any cause or any other consequential damage.

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